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Simple application - the BODYBACKCREAMER

To ensure that applying lotion to, massaging and generally taking care of your back is without complication in the future, we would like to give you some useful tips and information.

The Product

The BODYBACKCREAMER is made of 100% silicon and is therefore resistant to alcohol and oil. Following application it can easily be cleaned with water or soap. Fine grooves ensure that the lotion is applied as intended.


Just place a small amount of the body care product in the middle of the groove profile. The BODYBACKCREAMER is used by holding the reinforced grips at each end by the thumbs. Just like when drying your back with a towel you can apply the product evenly to the desired part of the back. An even motion when using the BODYBACKCREAMER leads to a gentle massaging of the skin. Tensing and relaxing your hold on the BODYBACKCREAMER varies the intensity of the application. If you use fluid products (oils, lotions and gels), drop these on your left and right shoulder and then use the BODYBACKCREAMER slowly.

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Reinungung des Bodybackcreamers

Bodybackcreamer Bad

Bodybackcreamer Bad