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a great idea for every back

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

My Name is Rudolf Larsen, please allow me to tell you about the history behind the BODYBACKCREAMER as well as the benefits it provides.
As an assistant professor at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien (www.vavrovec.at) I generally work on my feet. Admittedly, sitting the whole day is even worse. Nevertheless, muscle tension can occur, especially in the back. I personally have suffered from dryness in the skin on my back. And, of course, the pain was precisely located in that unreachable part.
Simply put, applying lotion to my back was a very laborious task. Not to mention that most circulation enhancing ointments (Rubriment, Perskindol, etc.) burn like hell. Should such ointments accidently come into contact with other, more sensitive parts of the body, then good luck!
This cannot happen with the BODYBACKCREAMER , because your hands never come into contact with the diverse creams, ointments or lotions. Once you have finished application, you can easily put the grooved part of the BODYBACKCREAMER under a tap, wash with soap and water, then shake or dry it. That's it!
I have often found myself in the situation of needing to apply lotion to all of my back at a public swimming pool, gym or following a sauna. I didn't find it appropriate to ask a stranger to help me out.
One in every three households is occupied by just one person.
When carrying out my research I often heard how people smear creams on the tiles of the bathroom wall to apply it to their back. Not exactly the ideal solution, especially considering the access to tiles at a suitable height.
In addition to the easy application of lotions, using the BODYBACKCREAMER provides you with a gentle massage that stimulates circulation.
The BODYBACKCREAMER has been tested by a range of people, including orthopaedic doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and fitness consultants, all of whom have enjoyed great success (see feedback). The BODYBACKCREAMER is suitable and easy to use for everyone, with the exception of people with significant physical limitations.
With a maximum weight of 1/2 pound (silicon, Shore hardness rating of 60 - A, physiologically harmless) the BODYBACKCREAMER can simply be rolled up to place in a bag, or transported as it is (to the swimming pool, gym, sauna, etc.).
For bulk buyers:

The BODYBACKCREAMER is available in any colour, even transparent. Moreover, the BODYBACKCREAMER offers an ideal surface for placing advertising.

I hope that I have been able to clearly demonstrate the usefulness of the BODYBACKCREAMER . Should you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them either over the phone or in writing.

All the best,

Rudolf Larsen

Der Erfinder